Miss tunica is the beach and beyond

The beach is arriving mid-morning and staying until sunset, with dips in the salty Mediterranean all day and a long, lazy lunch with plenty of laughter, fresh produce, and something cold in your glass.

The beach is blissful solitude: nothing but you, the ocean, a towel, a good book, and not a cloud in the sky.

The beach is poolside, at your favourite hotel, where the people are good-looking, the waiters attentive, the beach towels plush and soft, and the water seductively blue and embracingly warm.

The beach is an invigorating morning swim while everyone else is still sleeping.

The beach is cocktails at sundown, when the sky is pink and orange, and dancing until sunrise, when that same sky returns.

Miss Tunica is the beach—and beyond. It’s about stylish, versatile pieces for days and nights spent by the water. Wear our tunics with just a bikini and sandals, or dress them up with heels, a handbag and accessories. Simple and pared back, or colourful and adorned: the collection is extensive yet curated, and each piece is designed to flatter all body types. Miss Tunica is about making you look good and feel good.

So what beach are you heading to next?