Miss Tunica i Aftonbladet

Being featured in a national publication is always a big deal - no matter how small the mention.
Not only is it empowering, but it’s such a confidence boost seeing your brand being highlighted by professional stylists.

Aftonbladet is Sweden’s largest newspaper, and Miss Tunica was lucky enough to get featured in a fabulous fashion shoot on Sunday last week. Did you see it?

The stylist (@ehvlop) was inspired by the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and dressed the model in bold colours, large patterns, flowers in her hair, and statement jewellery by Miss Tunica.

silver statement jewellery by Miss Tunica

The jewellery used to compliment the outfit was our ever so popular over-sized MIRAMAR statement necklace in silver with turquoise stones, paired with the subtle patterned silver ring LIDO.

Hair and makeup was done by @annafrid163, and the photographer was @emmamattsson.

If you too want to incorporate a pop of Mexican culture into your outfit there are lots of statement accessories to choose from in Miss Tunica’s collection. Maybe channel your inner Frida Kahlo with the Aztec style TAHTI with turquoise beads, or why not go even bigger (as if you’ve plundered an old Mexican pyramid full of gold coins) with ODESSA Inca gold?

aztec inspired statement necklace

The weather is heating up and that means Summer is on its way, and as you know Summer is all about daring to be bold in your choice of accessories. Now the only question is… are you going to be as brave and out there as Frida Kahlo?

See the full range of Miss Tunica’s jewellery here.