drone photo of woman on beach

We all know that you feel better after a day at the beach, but what gives us that feeling is hard to pinpoint.
It’s common knowledge that being by the ocean relieves stress, and doctors have been prescribing trips to the ocean for centuries.
Here are 6 excellent reasons as to why a beach day benefits your health.


  1. It boosts your immune system

As well as getting a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sunlight, you’ll also boost your immune system with the help of several minerals from the seawater. The salty water also helps cuts heal faster, and it can stop a runny nose.


  1. The beach is good for your skin

Sand is a natural exfoliant which means that it rubs away dead skin and lets your pores breathe. Regular trips to the beach can therefore help clear away blackheads and acne. But that’s not all! The salt and minerals in the sea water also helps heal skin conditions and rashes, as well as preserves the elasticity and moisture in your skin.

walking barefoot on the beach


  1. Walking on sand is a great stimulant

There’s no greater feeling of freedom than to walk barefoot on the beach. But doing so is not only good for your mind, but for your body too. Walking barefoot on sand stimulates the thousands of nerve endings in the soles of your feet, and since the ground is constantly moving you end up using more muscles = burning lots of calories.


  1. You’ll get fantastic hair

The natural salts at the beach works as a cleanser and will remove oils and product build-up from your hair. The fact that it gives you a good hair day at the same time with gorgeous beach waves is just a bonus. A day in the sun can also save you some serious money on highlights.


woman on the beach

  1. It improves your mental health

Being at the ocean is therapeutic because it makes you think, and it helps put your problems in perspective. The rhythmic sound of ocean waves calms brain activity, and the colour blue brings on feelings of serenity and peace. There’s a reason why they play ocean sounds of waves crashing at spas and in relaxation recordings!


  1. You’ll sleep better

The combination of relaxation and exercise is the perfect natural remedy for insomnia. The magnesium and minerals absorbed from the sea water calms both the nervous and muscular systems, and will guarantee a good night’s sleep.