It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this winter’s first snowfall in a number of northern cities throughout the world. And whilst some people love getting into the Christmas spirit, others choose to swap the snow for sandy beaches and opt to spend their festive season jetting off to warmer latitudes.
But what are the best holiday destinations for a hot Christmas?

 Krabi Thailand


Thailand is not surprisingly first on our list of winter getaways. It has been a favourite and a safe choice for Europeans for a long time, but don’t expect all Thai islands and beaches to look the same! One that stands out from the crowd is Krabi, where you’ll witness dramatic limestones rising out of the sea like colossal monuments of nature’s own art. This area’s beauty is one of a kind, and it’s the perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving.

 Disney World Orlando


It’s definitely not starting to look a lot like Christmas in Orlando, where the temperature rarely drops below 20 C. However, if you do want the feeling of a white Christmas without the frosty temperature, this is a great time to visit one of the main theme parks where they do their best to imitate a “real” winter with the help of artificial snow.

 Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town

Dramatic mountain landscapes, beautiful beaches, delicious local wine and endless sunshine… What else could you possibly need as a visitor to this South African city? Well, to make it even better, European travellers favour this destination due to the lack of time difference.
How convenient to avoid jet lag!



Singapore is often seen as a stop-over point during a longer journey, but the fact is that this fascinating city has so much to offer the curious traveller. The city has a vibrant, futuristic vibe with an abundance of architectural beauty overflowing with flora that looks to be out of this world.

 Oman sultans palace


The neighbour of the United Arab Emirates enjoys the same 25ish temperatures during the European winter months as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, however, with more of an artistic flair. You could say that this is the perfect destination to visit if you’re looking to combine relaxing on the beach with cultural outings in the art world.

Do you prefer a white Christmas, or do you tend to jet off somewhere warmer when the snow starts to fall?