When looking at the Miss Tunica sales trends lately, we have been able to spot that one of the most popular styles that our customers buy is the Paloma tunic, and we are not surprised! We actually have a theory as to why that is…

Well, first of all, the Paloma tunic is simply gorgeous if we may say so ourselves! It’s extremely flattering with its flowing style, and the straight fit means it basically suits any body type.
On top of that it’s a great garment for the beach that is easy to put on and off in a second as the style of tunic is not clingy. Hallelujah for that! Cause who wants a beach garment that gets stuck to your flushed sun-soaked body…?!

Apart from being flattering, we believe that the reason the Paloma tunic is so popular is because of the generous number of different versions it comes in. You really are spoilt for choice with this model! As well as being available in multiple colours, it also comes in a variety of patterns, a couple of different necklines, lengths, and fabric types.

Paloma in the colours Orchid Sun, and Carmine Haze are the odd ones out as these have a set print whilst the other print tunics may vary in the way they look due to the fabric being printed more randomly. Orchid Sun and Carmine Haze are also slightly longer, which is great to know if you’re after an even more flowing look on your holiday.
As with all of Miss Tunica’s creations, the print tunics are of 30% silk and 70% viscose, whilst the single colour tunics are of 100% viscose.

If you’re a fan of bling there’s an option for that as well. The colours Cosmic Ivory and Caribbean Aqua in the Paloma series come with a more blingy neckline than the others, which has been adorned with glitzy sequins in silver to give the tunic more of a glamorous feel.

So, now that you know a little bit more about our best-seller Paloma – which is your favourite version of it, and which one will get packed in your suitcase for your next sunny holiday?