One of the staple creations here at Miss Tunica is the Mondello model, which is known for its long, flowing shape. It’s one of our most popular tunics, and no wonder – the design is extremely flattering for any body type, and it’s easy to style it and tie it the way you want.

Recently, Swedish artist Carolina Gynning who is known for her colourful and abstract art, wore Miss Tunica’s Mondello model on holiday to Italy and she looked so beautiful. She opted for two different colours; Crystal White, and Ibiza Blue. Both go perfectly with her blonde hair, and really enhance and compliment her tanned, freckly skin. If you want to see more of Carolina’s stunning beach outfit you can check out her blog.

But the Mondello tunic, just like the rest of the Miss Tunica collection, doesn’t just have to be worn on the beach. Sure, it looks fabulous paired with a beach hat, big sunglasses and a pair of sandals, but it can also be worn like a completely covering, and very glamorous looking dress if paired with a long slipdress in a matching colour.

What’s good about our slipdresses is that they are cut in a way that they follow the neckline of the tunics perfectly, and therefore won’t ruin the look of the beautiful beaded decorations. So if you’re feeling a bit vibrant, slip on your Mondello even after the beach, and wear it out for dinner – we promise you’ll turn heads all evening!