As the name reveals, our brand focuses very much on summery beach tunics, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the only thing Miss Tunica has to offer. Did you know that we stock a whole collection of jewellery too?

Miss Tunica’s jewellery is not what you’d find in a standard jewellery store on the highstreet, but our collection focuses on statement pieces suitable for a summery outfit. The chunky pieces in Inca gold and antique silver therefore compliment our tunics perfectly, and adds a fun and fashionable touch of bling to your beach attire.

The Miss Tunica jewellery comes in four different collections; necklaces, rings, foot jewellery, and body jewellery – all super stylish and on trend. Draw some well-deserved attention to yourself with one of our oversized rings with coloured stones, or make people’s heads really turn by opting for a large statement necklace like TAHITI or ODESSA.

If you want something a bit more subtle, Miss Tunica caters for that too. How about a delicate chain draped over your bust and tummy to add a bit of bling to your swimwear, or a pair of sole-less barefoot sandals to give the illusion of wearing gold or silver shoes?

Are you going to make a fashion statement this summer?