short white beach tunic

A classic fashion motto is that if you have good basics you'll have endless options.
Obviously Miss Tunica is a bit more than just “basic” with our heavily adorned necklines and vibrant colours and patterns which have become our signature style. However, we can still agree with that statement to a degree.

We guess you could say that our single colour tunics are more basic and therefore more versatile, and the ones with more styling options than others are the ones in white.

You really can't go wrong with white. It’s a colour that suits any complexion, and it can be paired with any other colour. It has always been in fashion, and it will never go out of style.

pastel purple hair

Our blog model, who rocks pastel purple hair and a lovely golden summer glow, wears the Miss Tunica MAYA tunic in Crystal White as an after-beach garment. It’s a short tunic cut in a square, flowing shape that is extremely comfortable and flattering for any body shape, and it has the signature Miss Tunica V-neck adorned with gold beads and sequins.

For an after-beach look you can simply wear it over your bikini as a beach dress, paired with a few matching accessories such as your favourite sunnies, a stylish beach bag, or even a trendy sun hat.
Or why not jazz it up with some statement jewellery, such as the chunky and decorative foot jewellery CARMEN in antique gold, which matches the neckline of the MAYA tunic perfectly.

Whatever your preferred style, you’ll be able to style up your white tunic from Miss Tunica in multiple ways. It may not be basic, but the options are still endless with a bit of creativity.

antique gold foot jewellery from Miss Tunica