Something that we at Miss Tunica are very proud of is our prints. There’s a lot of hard work behind sourcing just the right fabric that will be perfect for the Miss Tunica image, as well as match the rest of our collection. We want our prints to be fun and bold, but at the same time not too in your face since we want them to suit the likes of a wide customer base.

So when we found the fabric that we decided to call Dim Jungle, we were jumping with joy. It was the perfect fit for Miss Tunica with its print that is fun and interesting, yet subtle. Once you start to really look at it you almost feel mesmerized because of all the swirly colours that go in hues of green, red and purple, and if you look closely you can find prints inspired by tropical animals, such as leopards and peacocks.

But even though this gorgeous fabric has so much going on, it’s still not too much. The colours and patterns are not too vibrant, and therefore mix really well with each other.

Miss Tunica has decided to use the Dim Jungle fabric in three of our tunic models. The first one being our signature MONDELLO, which is a long flowing tunic with a waistband and a beautiful v-shaped neckline adorned with an oriental pattern made with antique gold beads.

Dim Jungle also comes in two shorter versions; one being the medium length and very flattering PALOMA decorated with matching green sequins in a matte metal finish, and the other one being the short PERISSA with long sleeves, a drawstring waist, and a simple gold bead neckline.

Which one is your favourite?