Believe it or not, but Miss Tunica has only been around for about two and a half years. It started as a love story, where one woman fell for a certain fabric in a vibrant pink and orange pattern, which later came to be known as Fandango Fire. This specific fabric was the inspiration for what developed into the Miss Tunica brand that you all know today.

The Fandango Fire print is now available in a number of different models – long and short – but the MONDELLO tunic in this gorgeous fabric has come to be the Miss Tunica signature piece, and we have a feeling it always will be.

What makes Miss Tunica so special is that our printed fabric tunics are made of 30% silk, which makes them feel luxurious and extremely light and comfortable.
As the famous Oscar de la Renta once said: "Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand."
And we couldn’t agree more!

So know that when you choose Miss Tunica over other brands, that what you pay for is true comfort and high quality. All of our tunics are handsewn and individually quality checked before they enter our stock room ready to be shipped out to our lovely customers.

And our customers seem to have fallen in love with the silky Fandango Fire fabric too! What’s great is that they’re not shy to shout about it on Instagram either. Here are just a few of our Instagram followers wearing this specific fabric in the MONDELLO tunic, and they all look stunning.

Have you recently got your hands on a piece from Miss Tunica? Why not shout about it yourself by tagging @misstunica in your Instagram photos, or using the hashtag #misstunica? We’d love to see your summery holiday snaps!