animal print beach tunic

When the heat of the summer arrives we all tend to go a bit wild and crazy. We’ve come out of our winter hideaways, and we just want to live our lives. The happiness we feel during summer makes us do things we wouldn’t maybe normally do… like trying new things on holiday (parasailing, anyone?).

You might find yourself dancing away at some beach resort’s all-night party, or venturing out for a bit of late night skinny dipping. But summer doesn’t just affect our wild side when it comes to actions, but it brings out the wild side of our style of fashion too.

We’re not talking beach attire a la Baywatch here, but we do tend to go a bit more daring with our choice of clothing during the summer months. Shorter shorts, deeper necklines, brighter and more bold colours… or how about patterns?

 leopard print beach tunic

Animal print is a popular choice of a more daring pattern, and although it’s just as suitable during the rest of the year, our wild summer-selves tend to opt for more prints of this kind.
Why? Who knows, but we at Miss Tunica are big fans of animal print beach tunics, and leopard print especially!

But how do you style your leopard print tunic? Well, it obviously depends on how much of a statement you want to make, and how much you want to stand out from the crowd. However, for a more subtle but summery look we love to match our leopard print with white and gold accessories during the day, and black and gold for more of an evening look.

leopard print beachwear