How do we already enter November later this week, and why have we not travelled more during the year? That’s just a couple of questions we tend to ask ourselves at this point, when Christmas is basically just around the corner. Do we squeeze in another summer trip before the end of the year? Of course we do!

November can be an absolutely glorious month to go in search of the sun. The weather is generally behaving itself at this point in the year with the monsoon period which affects parts of the world usually having rained itself out by the end of September. But, where to go? Read on for 3 perfect holiday destinations in November.


Beautiful Morocco


With fewer crowds and comfortable temperatures, November is a good time to visit Morocco – especially for travellers interested in a trip to the Sahara Desert, where you can expect pleasant, sunny weather and fewer tourists.

Morocco is a very diverse country where there’s something for all kinds of travellers, and there really is no bad time to visit this country. However, the best times to visit is during April and May or September to November, which is when you may still find daytime temperatures as high as 27°C, but the nights are nice and cool.


Hollywood sign from behind


November is an excellent month for an escape to Los Angeles before the Christmas madness begins, and it’s actually the best time of year for surfing in Southern California. There are comfortable temperatures and low humidity, and if you want to experience the largest Day of the Dead celebration in California full of music and dance performances – this is the time to go!


Classic car in Cuba


Cuba can be visited in any season, but the very best time to go is after November, when the dry season finally arrives, bringing heaps of sunshine and lovely temperatures. The peak season is actually between November and March, but if you opt to go in November you’ll find that it feels less crowded. During this month it´s a comfortable 24°C.
Old cars and Cuba go hand and hand, and you’ll get your first glimpse of them right at the Havana airport. Travelling to Cuba is not just like travelling to a tropical paradise, but it’s like travelling back in time to an era when the world was more colourful. So, what are you waiting for?!