It’s safe to say that Miss Tunica is on the rise, and that it’s slowly but surely becoming a household name in its home country of Sweden. Just this week, Miss Tunica was modelled on the cover of one of Sweden’s most popular women’s magazines, showing that our signature patterned tunics with the heavily embellished statement necklines look fabulous on women of all ages.

With this in mind we thought we’d look back on the past year to really see how far we’ve come. And our achievements reach way beyond the borders of Sweden!

Did you know that Miss Tunica has customers in 24 countries worldwide so far? The majority of countries may be within Europe, which is only natural, but our tunics have travelled all the way to countries in the likes of USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.
Pretty impressive frequent flyer miles, right?

If we look at popularity in the form of Miss Tunica’s online presence we can see that it has grown by 58% with its current 145K followers on Facebook and Instagram, compared to last year’s 92K.
All organic (if you’ll allow us to boast), which we are very happy about.

We’ve also seen a massive growth in sales, and if we compare the first third of 2018 (January-April) with the same period from 2017, we can see a whopping 98% increase!
That means there will be a lot of fashionable ladies hitting the beach this Summer.

The fantastic sales numbers have obviously had a boost thanks to our amazing resellers.
Seeing as Miss Tunica doesn’t have actual stores but only has an online offering, our resellers mean a lot to us. Since the start of 2018 we’ve had 10 new boutiques signing up to be Miss Tunica resellers, and overall we now have stock in Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain (Menorca) and the Maldives.
Want to know where the nearest one is? Have a look at our store locator >>