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Why stick to just the beach when you could take your tunic from Miss Tunica way beyond the ocean front?
In a recent fashion feature by German blogger ‘Dress and Travel’ she shows us how easy it is to make your tunic into a summer outfit suitable for a stylish city walk.

Miss Tunica hearts Chanel in this fabulous combination featuring MONDELLO – Fandango Fire.
The Chanel handbag in black leather really brings out the pink and black snake print inspired pattern in the tunic, and the gold chain goes perfectly with the gold bead neckline that is Miss Tunica’s signature style. It’s a match made in heaven!

To accessorize the look, ‘Dress and Travel’ has opted for a simple gold necklace, a couple of thin gold bangles, and gold stud earrings – perfect, subtle accessories to combine with the statement neckline on the MONDELLO.
She finishes it all off with a pair of black wedge sandals to bring out the black in the tunic. It’s a thought-through look that screams high-end glamour, which is perfectly suitable for a fancy dinner out, or a fashionable shopping trip in the city.