Hot pink beach dress

You’ve heard us talk about our beach tunics countless of times – everything from the fabrics, patters and celebrity features, to how you can wear them as so much more than just a beach garment seeing as they are so versatile. But there is one model in our collection that screams beach a little bit more than the other styles, and that is the MINOUE.

What’s special about this summery tunic, and what makes it the perfect beach style, is that it’s our shortest tunic as well as the one with the deepest neckline.

Seeing it on the hanger you may think “oh my, that’s deep”, but there is a reason for it. With this being our beachiest beach tunic, the point is that it shows off your bikini as well as your tan in the most flattering way.

The wide gold sequin neckline makes a statement as well as makes your tan glow in the sunshine, and the drawstring lets you decide how you want the tunic to fall around your waist and hip.

Luxury beach cover-ups

If you want to style it up a bit more you can simply add a necklace that sits just perfectly within the deep neckline without getting in the way. Go big and bold with something like our NAPLES necklace in Inca Gold, or opt for a more subtle look with the delicate COCO.

MINOUE currently comes in 4 different styles; 1 pattern, and 3 solid colours – all with the Miss Tunica signature neckline with gold embellishments. Will you go for Fandango Fire, Lavender Violet, Hot Maroon on Pearl Aqua?

Beautiful beach tunics