If we say Spain, what’s the first thing that springs to mind?
A perfect escape from everyday life? The ideal location for a holiday home? Paradise of Europe?

Whether you spend a week or several months a year in this country of tapas and siestas, we are sure that we can all agree that Spain is idyllic to say the least. A traveller’s dream.

But what is it that makes us come back to this southern European country again and again?

First of all, we can’t get enough of the sun. That’s an obvious one. Spain is blessed with sunny weather almost all year around, and if you find your way to the very south of the country you can get some lovely weather even in the winter months.

spanish paella

The food is another reason Spain is at the top of our travelling list. Give us tapas galore, delicious paella, and seafood as fresh as it comes! Oh, and don’t forget the sangria…

Spain is a historic country, and there are so much to see when it comes to culture and architecture. Why not pay a visit to Barcelona where you can wander around in Park Güell where you’ll find one of the major works of Gaudí? Or tick off the impressive sight of the Sagrada Familia? The Gothic Quarter in old town Barcelona is also a must-see if you’re visiting this northern coastal town.

All in all, Spain seems to be a favourite country to visit due to the great mix of things there is to do. We can easily combine beach with city, culture with party, or siestas with culinary experiences.

What is your reason to visit Spain?

park güell