Summer is supposed to be the highlight of the year with lovely, hot days on the beach with friends, BBQs with family, fabulous summer fashion and general good times.

However, when Summer is approaching a lot of girls start to fret. Magazines talk about nothing else but how to lose weight and how to achieve the perfect beach body. They think it’s on trend, but unfortunately all it does is put women off. What is supposed to be a lovely time instead becomes a time of stress and hesitation, thinking that they’re not good enough because they don’t have that “beach body” that is slapped all over the magazine covers.

Well, we at Miss Tunica believe that every body is a beach body. If you have a body, simply take it to the beach, and voilà – you have a beach body! Enjoy yourself, and stop caring about what everyone else thinks. Because you know what… they probably worry more about their own “beach bodies” than what you have got to flaunt.

Our blogger friend Queen Beady recently wrote an amazing article on how she learned to find her swimwear confidence. She said:

“The idea of wearing bikinis has never bothered me (huge amounts.) When I’m on holiday I’m not impressing anyone, and for the most part they are generally people I’ll never see again. So, of course I wear a bikini but that doesn’t necessarily mean I love seeing myself in one.”

She had set herself a little, personal goal that just for once she would share a photo of herself in a swimsuit whilst on holiday this year, even though she has what she refers to as thighs that are “chunky yet funky”. So she went out and took some beachwear outfit photos, and quickly posted a picture on Instagram, and then something amazing happened…

“As the messages, comments and likes came in I felt giddy. For a moment, I felt like one of those girls on a yacht loving life, even if it was just for those short ten to twenty minutes of the outpouring of love on Instagram. I didn’t feel guilty for one second for actually liking how I looked. It was a breakthrough moment for me.”

She urges people to dare to share those holiday snaps of themselves and to not be afraid anymore. Bare it, and you may just surprise yourself and feel empowered from it.