A Broken Backpack

It seems that it doesn’t matter whether you live on the north half or the south half of the world – September will always be a month that marks the change in seasons. If you’re living in Europe or North America you’ll be experiencing the end of Summer and start of Autumn right about now, and if you live in South Africa or Australia you’re just moving into Spring.

Whether you go from hot to cold, or cold to hot, this is a season when it’s all about trans-seasonal clothing. And if your aim is to let Summer linger a little bit longer, or if you are eager to spring into Summer faster, read on for some top tops on how to dress for trans-seasonal weather.

Travel blogger ‘A Broken Backpack’

Adventure Travel blogger ‘A Broken Backpack’ pairs her MAYA – Electric Bazaar with jeans on a chilly summer’s day.

Layers is key

It may be warm enough to still wear your Miss Tunica creation or your favourite summer dress during the day, but once the late afternoon kicks in the temperatures tend to drop drastically. Therefore, layers is key! Layer up with cardigans or perhaps a leather jacket, and pop a pair of tights or leggings in your handbag to put on once the sun has set.

Keep your feet warm

If your feet are warm, you’ll stay warm. That’s one of those things our mum’s always used to tell us, but it really is true. So pairing that skirt with a pair of ankle boots could really save you from freezing in this unpredictable weather.

Scarves are your best friend

Large pashmina scarves are so versatile! You can wear them as scarves, to cover your shoulders, or even as a skirt. And they work perfectly as blankets when sipping on coffee or a glass of wine at that outdoor restaurant.

Dazzle in blazers

Not quite chilly enough for a jacket at night? Then why not invest in a chic blazer? It not only keeps you warm, but it can take a summery outfit from beach style to dinner ready.

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