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As many of you will have read or even seen for yourselves, Miss Tunica opened up a seasonal pop-up shop at Arlanda airport Terminal 5 on 1st June, which will be available to holiday goers passing through Stockholm until the end of August.

There was a lot of hard work going into the opening of the shop. Every little thing needed to be planned in detail in order to fit as many products as possible into the tiny space of 12 square meters without it looking crammed. We aimed for about 30, but can now inform you that we are able to offer our customers a great selection of 50 different tunics!
And the result of the pop-up shop? We’re over the moon!

Miss Tunica pop-up shop Arlanda

The pop-up shop aims to get people in that lovely and jittery pre-holiday mood with its design that screams beach vibes.
The rugged wooden panels remind you of a tropical island beach bar, the bamboo roof brings back memories of relaxing in a sunchair shaded by palm trees, the handpicked summer tunes make your heart flutter with excitement, and the vibrant and colourful Miss Tunica beachwear collection is the cherry on top that brings it all together with its eye-catching contrasts.

Whilst setting up the shop, a lot of curious people walked past to have a sneak peek whilst oohing and aahing and asking us when we were due to open, which gave us a real confidence boost.
This was going to turn out great, and we could feel it!

Miss Tunica Arlanda

The ‘Open’ sign was finally turned and it wasn’t long until we had our very first customer, who treated herself to not only one, but two tunics from the popular MAYA range ahead of her summer holiday.

If you are lucky enough to travel through Stockholm this summer, please stick your head in to say hi. We’re crazy about travelling, and would also love to hear all about where our customers are flying to, so don’t be shy to tell us all about your fabulous holiday plans.

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