You may be loving your beach tunic from Miss Tunica, but want to wear it to more places than just the beach. With it being a summer garment the fabric is slightly see-through in order for the fabric to breathe properly in hot conditions. But what about when you’re so in love with your tunic that you want to wear it all the time on that longed-for holiday – way beyond the beach? The answer is simple; slipdresses. By pairing your tunic with a slipdress it goes from beach wear to dinner dress in no time at all!

Miss Tunica offers slipdresses in 3 different lengths, and in multiple colours to match your favourite tunic. The short slipdresses are perfect for the AUGUSTINE, PERISSA, MAYA and NIKKI tunics, and are sewn in a way that they will fit the shape of the necklines perfectly.

Just have a look at the difference of wearing NIKKI with and without a matching slipdress underneath.

The same thing goes for the medium length slipdress, which reaches to your lower thing. This style is great for the ever so popular PALOMA tunic, but you can also pair it with the longer MONDELLO.

The long slipdress comes in slightly fewer colours, but there is one to match every MONDELLO tunic perfectly. A lot of the MONDELLO tunics come in patterned fabrics, and it’s then up to you to choose the colour that you want to bring out in the pattern. For example, MONDELLO – Tropical Forest could be paired with a long slipdress in either Black Diamond, Ibiza Blue or Pearl Aqua.