SPF lipbalm

When it comes to your beauty regime during the summer, SPF and after sun lotion is a given. You’ve probably even stocked up on that waterproof mascara in time for the summer months. However, here are a few things you might not have thought about in order to make the most of those summer days on the beach.

Don't forget your lips

Yes, your lips need sunscreen too. The skin on your lips is much thinner than that on your face or body, and too much heat and sun exposure can cause a lot of irritation to your lips, making them painful, chapped, dry, or even blistered. Keep them protected, soft and smooth by using a rich lip balm with SPF, and don't forget to reapply it when you're outside.

Protect your scalp

Long hair offers some protection from the sun, but it’s easy to accidentally burn the sensitive skin along your hairline. Therefore, use a sunscreen spray along your parting, as it absorbs a lot easier than normal sun creams.

beach hair

Replenish your hair

Spending time in the sun can bring out natural highlights in your hair. Sure, it looks great, but it can also leave your hair very dry and rough. Your best hair-friend for a beach day is a water-resistant keratin oil, which you apply before hitting the beach to lock in moisture and to filter out UVB and UVA rays. It also protects against salt water and chlorine damage.

For extra attention, apply an intensive, antioxidant-rich cream mask after a day at the beach to bring back much needed moisture to sun-damaged locks.

Powder your nose

Having to washing your face and redoing your makeup each time you need to reapply sunscreen is anything but ideal. To make the process quick and easy, touch up with mineral makeup that contains a high SPF which provides coverage and protection in a convenient way.

Eat your SPF

Believe it or not, but there is evidence that intake of vitamins C and E together can protect you from sunburn. A salad with citrus, berries, tomato, and nuts is full of vitamin C and E, and is an ideal SPF meal. You might also want to load up on melon, which is great for beautiful summer skin as this sweet fruit is rich in antioxidants and hydrates your skin in a unique way. The result is a radiant complexion, and it can actually boost your SPF by several factors.