After last week’s popular post on Swedish actress Sara Sommerfeld wearing Miss Tunica during a luxury holiday on the French Riviera, we decided to dedicate this week to the lovely celebrities we’ve had the pleasure of seeing wearing our creations. Cause there’s been plenty of them, very much to our delight.

Magdalena Graaf Miss Tunica

We’re proud to say that Miss Tunica has become a bit of a household name in the world of Swedish celebrities, and the biggest celebrity fan of Miss Tunica must be TV personality Magdalena Graaf. She travels a lot and has been seen wearing numerous tunics from our collection on almost all of her recent holidays. Here she is in matching Fandango Fire printed tunics with a friend.

Hannah Graaf Miss Tunica

Even Magdalena’s celebrity sister, Hannah Graaf, has opted for Miss Tunica on holiday.
During last year’s Marbella trip she was seen in MONDELLO – Black Diamond during a champagne and oyster lunch. Fancy!

Carolina Gynning Miss Tunica

Model and artist Carolina Gynning is a woman crush deluxe for us, and she looked out of this world in the long MONDELLO tunic in both Crystal White and Ibiza Blue.
Which version is your favourite?

Wahlgrens Värld Dubai Miss Tunica

Last, but definitely not least… Who can forget our TV debut in Sweden’s popular reality show ‘Wahlgrens Värld’, where singer Pernilla Wahlgren takes her BFFs on a Sex and the City-esque holiday to Dubai.
There was no “camel-camel toe” in sight, but there was plenty of fabulous fashion.

Pernilla’s friend Jessica Wahlgren (who was one of the lucky ones jetting off to Dubai) has been seen wearing Miss Tunica multiple times, and we actually love her so much that we’ve made her our go-to makeup artist for fashion photo shoots.
Below, she looks absollutely glowing in ZOE - Crystal White.

Jessica Wahlgren makeup artist Miss Tunica