The summer might be coming to an end in the north, but like we at Miss Tunica like to say; there’s always summer somewhere in the world.

Are you looking to soak up the sun somewhere in October? Just going south is not always the right answer, but you have to take into account hurricane season as tropical weather can be a bit tricky.
In the below guide we’ve listed 7 holiday destinations perfect for an October getaway, depending on how hot you like it. Let’s start with the hottest and work our way down…

Abu Dhabi buildings

Abu Dhabi

Average daily high: 35C

Abu Dhabi, which is the biggest of the United Arab Emirates, doesn’t quite have the same glamour factor as its neighbour Dubai. However, the beaches are beautiful, the hotels are stylish, there are plenty of high-end restaurants, and it’s a destination that really knows how to spoil their guests.


Average daily high: 31C

Indonesia’s most popular island barely needs an introduction, but it’s a destination full of 5-star resorts perfect for a pure beach retreat.

Hawaii mountains


Average daily high: 29C

The islands of Hawaii is the ultimate surfer’s paradise, where temperatures stay around 30 degrees Celsius all year around. Well, Aloha to that!


Average daily high: 27C

This island to the east of Madagascar is one of the planet’s greatest examples of a volcanic hotspot that has been converted to an island paradise full of stunning beaches, lagoons and reefs.

turtle in the Great Barrier Reef


Average daily high: 26C

Australia’s second largest state is a place that will spoil you rotten with fine weather. There are also a number of natural wonders beyond the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, such as the Daintree Rainforest as well as the impressive and unique Great Barrier Reef.


Average daily high: 25C

With temperatures rarely going below 20 degrees, the Canary Islands are Europe’s most reliable options for winter sun. Lanzarote offers relaxed holidays with great bars and restaurants, and a really cool local vibe.

Kitesurfing in Essaouira


Average daily high: 22C

If you’re a fan of kite and windsurfing, Morocco’s west coast with its long curving beaches is a superb destination for a sun proof October holiday.