You may have spotted it on our Instagram story already, but no less than 6 new Miss Tunica Angels have landed in our heaven-sent community.

And for those of you who don’t know what a Miss Tunica Angel is; it’s normal girls like you and me who have inspired us. Individuals who have influenced us with their distinctive style, and that have helped us spread the Miss Tunica belief in every woman’s individuality.

Without further ado, let us present to you the 6 beautiful girls that we picked out as Miss Tunica Angels this time.

Miss Tunica Angels

Maria and Nicola

Maria and Nicola both opted for our classic tunic MONDELLO in different colours. Maria has styled her Ibiza Blue tunic in a kind of classic Hollywood way, with the black hat and the stylish, dark sunglasses.
Nicola, on the other hand, has opted for a very dreamy, feminine style for her Crystal White tunic, with the delicate chain handbag and the subtle accessories in the form of ankle chains.

Miss Tunica influencers

Linda and Giovanna

Even Linda has opted for the MONDELLO tunic, but for a patterned one. The Fandango Fire fabric is one of our most popular ones, and Linda has styled it to be suitable for a dinner date. The Hermès bracelet and golden shoes add a real luxury feel to the tunic.
Giovanna took her ZOE - Crystal White for a day by the pool. The classic white flowing tunic is a simple, yet affective way to add glamour to your poolside outfit.

Miss Tunica fashion bloggers

Maria and Milli

Even Maria opted for the ZOE tunic, but in the print Deep Leopard. Rather than using it for a pool day, she took it out for a day shopping in the city. The city chic style is completed with a trendy handbag, wedge heels, and classic black sunglasses.
Milli swapped city for countryside when she wore her PERISSA - Fandango Fire for a dreamy nature walk amongst wildflowers.

Becoming a Miss Tunica Angel is the ultimate compliment from us. It means that we think of you as a role model for our audience, and an inspiration for upcoming collections.

If you want the chance to get featured as a Miss Tunica Angel, don’t hesitate to be extra snap-happy with the camera when wearing one of our creations, and simply tag @misstunica in your Instagram photos.