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Welcome to Miss Tunicas lifestyle

Look Good and Feel Good

Miss Tunica is not just a beachwear brand – it’s also a style motto with a responsible approach to our products. We have a strong commitment to working only with partners that treat their workers fairly and humanely. Our credo is: Look Good & Feel Good
At Miss Tunica, we encourage all women to let their personal style take place – whether it is classic and stylish or colorful and trendy. In our collection you will find beachwear for all styles and occasions. Our dresses and tunics are designed to fit all body types and highlight what makes us unique.

With its timeless design, our collection of beautiful beachwear is an excellent complement to every woman’s wardrobe that is perfect for both everyday life and parties.

With us you will find a wide range of beachwear such as tunics, kimonos, sarongs and much more.

Our garments are inspired by the Mediterranean and pay homage to the bohemian elegance that is so strongly associated with the area. Our beachwear is a symbol of love, freedom and female independence.

Through our beachwear, we want to give our customers the chance to experience the freedom and joy that comes from being the most true version of themselves. We also have a large selection of unique accessories and handmade jewelry such as beach bags, hair details, body jewelry and earrings.

The details make the difference and help you put your personal touch on the beach look. Decorate the beach wardrobe with some beautiful bracelets and earrings or treat yourself to a stylish hat that also protects you from strong sunlight. No matter what you are looking for, we have something that suits you and that gives your personal style that little extra.

We promote women’s creativity, individuality and personal style by offering unique beachwear designed with care of carefully selected fabrics.

All our garments are created from sustainable materials produced from local raw materials from our production in India and Bali. We work according to strict guidelines to ensure a sustainable, fair and safe production of our clothes, with a focus on creating long-term relationships with our partners.

With our collections, created for a life both on and beyond sunny moments on the beach, we want to celebrate the uniqueness of each woman. For us, Miss Tunica is so much more than just clothes and accessories for the beach – it’s a refreshing morning dip before everyone else wakes up, dancing through the night and watching the sun rise, or enjoying the solitude with a good book on the beach.

With our tasteful collection of beachwear, we want to inspire women to feel good and look good through all moments of life. We love what we do, both in heart and soul. One more thing – do not miss that we also have a smaller and exclusive range for men with handmade bracelets, kaftans and other stylish accessories.
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