A classic saying is that she who leaves a trail a glitter wherever she goes is never forgotten.

We at Miss Tunica are all for that extra sparkle, and on top of the signature decorative necklines on our tunics, we also have a wide range of sparkly statement jewellery perfect for a hot summer’s day.

And talking about leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go… Have you checked out our foot jewellery? The Miss Tunica ankle bracelets will make sure that you literally sparkle from top to toe, and they catch the sunlight and glitter beautifully in the sun when you wear them on the beach.

Walking barefoot in the sand is one of the most liberating feelings in the world when it comes to both soothing your soul and pampering your feet, but you might still want to give the illusion of wearing shoes. That’s when our sole-less barefoot sandals come in to the picture. Go for something more subtle and delicate such as the Miss Tunica JOLLA or BELIZE, or go full out and make a statement with the chunky CARMEN.

All of the foot jewellery in the Miss Tunica collection come in both silver and gold, so you can mix and match and make sure that it compliments your summer outfit. The antique gold jewellery goes perfectly with the signature Miss Tunica necklines on our tunics in the models MONDELLO and NIKKI, and the silver jewellery is perfect for our tunics with more subtle bling, such as AUGUSTINE or GRACE.