50% fashion sale

With Miss Tunica being an all year around summer holiday shop, we naturally don’t work the same way other online retailers do. The fashion industry is heavily influenced by the different seasons, but since Miss Tunica follows the summer wherever it is on this planet, our collections are not limited to a certain period of time.

It’s still a good idea to renew yourself sometimes though, and saying that, Miss Tunica is now in the process of planning an additional collection which will be available in store next year. Whilst we are planning this we thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a “wardrobe clear out”.

cheap summer fashion

This wardrobe clear out means that we’ve started up a completely new section in our shop for 50% off items. But don’t worry – it’s not a stressful “this week only-sale”. No, this 50% sale category is here to stay, and we will keep updating it with products.

During this first sale period we’ve got some really lovely creations available from our classic Mondello, Carbo, and Luna collections to name a few, and we hope you’ll love them. Have a look at what’s on offer, and keep popping back in to see new updates.

summer fashion sale