Miss Tunica Angels

Our community of Miss Tunica Angels has just grown with a handful of new faces! Ladies who are all beautiful in their own, unique ways, and who have been wearing Miss Tunica during their sunny holidays.

Being a Miss Tunica Angel is the ultimate compliment from us. These are ladies that we really look up to, that we see as a role models for our customers, and they’re also people that we take inspiration from when designing our new beachwear collections.

But how do you become a Miss Tunica Angel?
Well, first of all you have to get your hands on one of our creations. Then, style it up and wear it on holiday, and remember to use your imagination. Be snap-happy with your camera, and try to catch the tunic and yourself from the best side. Think sun, think beach, think adventure!

Slap your favourite Instagram filter on (although it’s probably not needed with the amazing backdrop you’ve chosen), and upload it to your Instagram feed tagging @misstunica – this way we’ll be sure to see it.

We scan Instagram every day for Miss Tunica photos, and we handpick our favourites to post to our own social media feed. If your photo gets picked, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your next order at www.misstunica.com.

This is just the first step towards becoming a Miss Tunica Angel. Every month we pick out a handful of ladies from our Instagram feed to get featured on the website as our new angels as well, and as we mentioned before – this is our ultimate compliment to you.
Your photo will be showcased to our customers worldwide, they’ll get inspired by your style, and with a link back to your Instagram from our website you might just get yourself some new followers.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, don’t hesitate.
It’s your time to shine!