bohemian beach tunic

It’s no newsflash that we tend to change the way we dress when on holiday, or just in general during the summer months, compared to the rest of the year. For some, it’s more extreme than others. It’s like summer inspires us to really get out of our normal comfort zone… without actually feeling uncomfortable!

There are so many things that inspire us in summer when it comes to our choice of clothing. Other than the heat, the ocean and the bright colours, we get inspired by things like music, festival fashion, other cultures and holiday destinations. We want to live and breathe summer, and we’re really not afraid to dress the part.

One trend that tends to come back every summer is the bohemian style, and this is a style that is very easy to fall in love with and adapt to. We’re of course thinking about flowing fabrics with detailed patterns in slightly earthy tones, that are just as comfortable as they are flattering.

statement necklace silver

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to the boho style though, but it’s a trend you can take snippets of and really make your own. Mix and match it how you like, and be as free-spirited as the old-school bohemians as well as the summer itself!

Our model Camilla (on Instagram as @hgmncamilla) is wearing Miss Tunica’s creation Paloma in the colour Orchid Sun, which is a very flattering tunic with short sleeves and V-neck decorated with sequins. She has styled it with the Naples statement necklace in silver, as well as her favourite sunglasses that really match the colours of the beach tunic.

Please note that Camilla is quite petite with her 155 cm, and that the Paloma tunic therefore looks longer on her than it might do on you.

boho festival fashion